“OUR EVERYDAY AGING...” DAY AFTER DAY. The Aging Process In The Scope Of A Bioenergetic Analysis.

I'm convinced that the theory and techniques used by Bioenergetic Analysis offer a valuable instrument to access our creative internal resources at any age.

I believe in an essential internal intelligence, inherent to being, characteristic of our vital flow. I imagine this basic intelligence to be flowing like water that never stops, it goes around and circumvents obstacles, it moves through open pathways.

I think of old age as part of a continuum of life. Life has a beginning, middle, and end as a process and being alive implies aging day after day.

Some lives end very early and some end after many and many years. These many years should be able to be lived all with quality and dignity, a fact that we, humanity, have not yet learned to do.

Our sciences and health practices have begun, just very recently, to organize knowledge and to change paradigms about the necessities of these stages that we call old age.

We're still just crawling in search of strategies and methodologies for us to care for the last stages of life with dignity and total comprehension of our real needs.

Alexander Lowen's approach to Neurosis carries within its foundation the understanding that we live in a narcissistic era: our culture is focused on demands determined by idealizations that are often opposed to the reality of our nature, that disconsider the reality of our psycho-bioligical and emotional needs. We want to be eternally young, never fail, always be the best, the biggest, the most successful, and for all of that we deny or defend our human vulnerabilities. In the process of defending ourselves – which starts from the cradle – at the same time in which we structure our capacity to survive by attending to the demands of such idealizations, we also suffocate our vital strength in the process of denial and control of emotions, feelings, and sensations relative to our human vulnerability.

In a psychosomatic process, we create patterns of breathing and muscular articulation that sustain our idealized image. The therapeutic strategy of Bioenergetic Analysis, through breathing and movement techniques associated with psychoanalysis, brings us into contact with our difficulties, with our sufferings, with our fears. Through expressing oneself in a safe environment, frustration can be elaborated and it can be understood where and how illusions have been imprisoning our vitality.

In old age our physical strength lessens, the muscular structure that sustained our defenses is weakened, we feel vulnerable and “groundless.” I think that the therapeutic strategy of contact with reality proposed by Bioenergetic Analysis is valuable in the approach of the questions that arise in this stage of life.

This implies that we organize our lives through “self” contact in order for us to find new “groundings” (grounding is the bioenergetic concept that expresses the idea of “having ground.”)

In contact with the reality of limitations we find new ways!

Losing physical strength is a fact. Reduction in the ability to hear can occur, reduction in the ability to see can also happen, and arthrosis can reduce our speed... a series of physical and physiological changes are part of the process of being alive (which has a beginning, middle, and end), but a series of other losses are myths that our society, obsessed with the idea of eternal youth, transforms into absolute truths.

Our ability to learn does not need to be reduced!

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